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Chapter 31: Smooth Part 2

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I saw the shock flicker on his handsome face and for the first time in my life I had the pleasure of seeing Jordan Staal out of his depth. I saw him struggling to shake off the raw desire so that he could think clearly and almost smiled. How many times had I tried to do the same thing in bed and failed?

''No woman has ever done this to you before, have they?'' I slid my body over his, soft woman over hard man, felt the power of his erection brush against my abdomen and I immediately moved away. I wasn't ready to touch him there yet. ''You're about to discover what it's like to be ruled by the senses and to be totally at the mercy of another person.''.

''Jennifer. Let me go now!'' His blue eyes were fierce.

''Your not in a position to give orders,'' I pointed out in a husky voice. ''So you might as well relax and go with the flow. Who knows you might enjoy someone else being in command for once.''.

His aggressive jaw hardened. ''Jennifer-'' his tone was hoarse and he jerked at his hands again ''- Let me go!''.

''Orders-'' I bent my head and trailed my tongue along the ridge of his jaw and up towards his ear ''are not exactly what I want to hear,'' I informed him, enjoying myself more and more. ''By the time I'm finished with you, your going to scream and beg, Jordan.''.

For the first time in our relationship I had the chance to properly admire his body the way he insisted in admiring mine. And I had every intention of doing just that.

Registering his stunned and slightly dazed expression with a sexy, satisfied smile, I slid my hands down his body and removed his swimming trunks in a smooth movement, sliding them down his legs and exposing him fully to my gaze.

He was hard and proud and totally ready for all the dark, sensual exploits I had in mind.

For a moment I just stared and he swore and shifted his lean hips on the bed.

''Let me go, now! This isn't funny-"

"It isn't supposed to be funny." The atmosphere in the room crackled and throbbed as the tension mounted. He's amazing, I thought to myself. Hot, aroused and more of a man than he should be allowed to be. And I wanted him badly.

But I was going to make myself wait.

And, more to the point, I was going to make him wait.

With a low laugh of triumph and a heated glance that was pure seductress, I slid my fingers down his body until my hand lingered teasingly on his abdomen, just short of his straining shaft.

"You can't do this-"

"I am doing it. It's time you learned that you can't always be in control. I'm going to show you what it feels like to be pleasurably tortured."

He gave a soft curse and jerked at the handcuffs again but still they held fast and I bent my head, my hair trailing down his body as I used my tongue to trace the line of hair that ran below his navel. I saw the muscles of his abdomen tense viciously. He wanted me to touch him, badly, but I was determined not to.

Dimly I heard the harshness of his breathing, but i was too caught up in the sensual feast I'd made for myself to be distracted. I licked and nibbled and tasted everywhere except his throbbing masculinity.

My fingers brushed him fleetingly and I heard his guttural groan and felt him jerk his body towards me but I pulled back and slid up his body.

He muttered something and I lifted my head and gave him a mocking smile.

"What is you want, Jordan?" My voice was smoky and softened by desire.

For a moment he just stared at me, his eyes glazed and fevered. "I want you to touch me," he muttered hoarsely. "Touch me now."

There was no mistaking just how much he wanted me and I felt a flash of triumph. "Not yet,"

He closed his eyes and beads of sweat appeared on his brow. "Jen, please-"

A feeling of power spread through my veins and I gave a slow womanly smile. "When I'm ready, I'll touch you," I told him in a husky voice. "All you have to do is lie there." I shifted up the bed and teased the corner of his mouth with my tongue. Instantly he moved his mouth to capture mine but I was too quick for him, moving just out of reach and smiling.

"This isn't a joke!" He swore under his breath and I saw him harden still further and gave a low laugh of satisfaction. He wanted me every bit as much as I wanted him and the knowledge thrilled me. Suddenly aware of my own power, I raked a nail down his chest and ran my tongue over my lips.

I slid a hand slowly down his taut body and rested my palm millimetres away from his straining cock.

"I'll make you suffer for this." His hard jaw clenched and his eyes glittering dangerously.

"You're the one who's suffering, Jordan."

I proceeded to lick my way down his body, exploring him everywhere except that one place that was straining to be touched. My long hair fell forward, sliding over his naked body like a sensual cloak.

"Jennifer-" His hoarse plea me made me lift my head and gaze at him.

"Not yet, you haven't begged." My gaze slid down my body and my mouth dried. Why hadn't I managed to do this before?

I waited until every muscle was straining in his powerful body, until I couldn't wait any longer.

"Jennifer-" His voice shook and his hips thrust upwards. "I'm begging-"

And then I touched him.

With my mouth, I took him and tasted, his harsh moans of pleasure fuelling my own sense of power and need. I explored every part of him with my fingers, with my tongue until I could no longer bear the ache deep in my body.

Only then did I lift my head and slide of top of him. I positioned myself over him, my eyes fixed on his face as I allowed only the tip of his cock to touch me. With a curse he strained upwards trying to fill me, trying to take my breast in his mouth, but I held myself slightly away from him and leaned for to kiss him.

"I'm still the one in control, Jordan." I whispered against his lips, but in my head I knew that wasn't really true any more. I wanted him as desperately as he wanted me.

But still I made him wait.

I made him wait until the beads of sweat gathered on his brow, until he could no longer see straight, until I wanted him so badly I couldn't hold myself back.

And then finally I took him. Deep inside me so that I could feel the hard throb of his erection with every pulse of my body, so that I forgot that we were supposed to be separate, man and woman. Instead we were one.

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Chapter 30: Smooth Part I

I know it's been a very long time. I won't give you lame excuses, because I don't have many. I hope you enjoy this one. I know I've said this before but the next chapter will be up tomorrow night, this is only part one, part two up tomorrow. I really want to thank you for the comments, I hope you're able to comment this one even if it's only a few words. Thanks again - Becky.


Stretched out in the shade by the exquisite pool in the garden of Jordan's newly purchased house almost 2 weeks later, I decided drowsily that I'd undergone a complete personality change. Far from being an independent thinking female, I now felt more like a sex slave, ready and willing to obey each and every command.

Jordan only had to cast a burning glance in my direction and I fell into his arms with an enthusiasm as predictable as it was humiliating to me.

Underneath the sensual addiction my every move I was secretly appalled at myself and I didn't know which was worse - the knowledge that he had this power over me as soon as his lips touched my body, or the fact that she knew the whole team were beginning to catch on to our budding 'relationship'. I couldn't pretend that I wasn't in the mood. How could I when I can't take my eyes off of him?

If it hadn't been for the fact that I was starting to really miss my mother back in New York, I would have been completely and totally happy.

Jordan had promised me that he would personally take me back to the city to visit my family and even though I had spoken to her numerous times on the phone, I still wasn't all that sure of how my mother was coping with my step-father's declining health. She seemed fine and repeatedly told me that they were doing well but I could never be sure with her.

I did however, miss them.


I wanted to see them.

I wanted to stay here with Jordan as well. As bad as it sounds, if I was a hooker, I'd have made at least 10 grand by now. Apart from a few of Jordan's road trips, we'd barely left the bed.

''You are dreaming again,'' Jordan lifted himself out of the swimming pool in a lithe, powerful movement and ran a hand over his eyes to clear the water from his face. He reached for a towel and flashed me a predatory smile.

''There's no need to dream when you have the real thing. If you want to return the bedroom, then you only have to say the word.'' His arrogant assumption that my dreams had all been about him should have made me slap his face or at least deliver an acid laced comment about the size of his ego. But I was prevented from speaking because it was true. My dream were all about him.

And that was the most annoying thing of all , I thought as I stretched out a hand and reached for my drink. Apart from being with my family, there was no place in the world I'd rather be than in Jordan's bed.

Jordan was always the one in control. Any attempt on my part to take the lead was always brushed aside.

He strolled over to me, the towel looped over his broad shoulders. He had a body designed to scramble a woman's brain. No wonder I couldn't resist him. What woman could? He was as near to masculine perfection as it was possible to get.

''You've been out here for almost an hour.'' There was a frown in his eyes as he studied my semi-naked body. ''Go back inside before you burn.''. I opened my mouth to tell him he was being rude when I realised he was right.

''Fine,'' I replied as I got up to make the short walk back into the palatial house, ignoring the hot slide of his eyes over my body and strode into the ground level bedroom.

I pottered around the rest of the house before setting myself down at the mahogany desk back in the master bedroom and started to remove the sky blue coloured nail varnish that had been chipped terribly since the night I had applied it. That one night we went out for a romantic dinner at the little Italian place Jordan had raved about. True to form he was right, it was quite possibly the best meal I'd eaten in a long time.

''I'm risking sunstroke by staying outside and I'm in serious need of a rest,'' Jordan's masculine drawl came from the doorway, it surprised me, making me jump up from the chair with my heart thumping. I had been away in my own little world.

My eyes clashed my his and my stomach dropped at the masculine intent I read in them. He was looking at my legs and every other part of me that was openly displayed by the relatively non-existent bikini that I had recently acquired.

''The sun doesn't bother you and you never get tired,'' I reminded him, watching him stroll toward me in a pair of swimming trunks that did nothing to conceal his large arousal. ''And anyway, we only got up an hour ago.''

My mouth dried and wicked excitement curled deep inside me as I stared helplessly at him. He was so good looking and it was no wonder he affected me so strongly.

''An hour is a long time, especially when you're wearing that particular bikini.''

His eyes dropped to my mouth and suddenly breathing was a difficulty. ''You chose the bikini.'' It had been one of the times they had gone shopping and he had picked it out straight away. ''I don't have many other clothes with me,''.

''And so far, you haven't needed any.'' He retorted.

''When it comes to sex, your insatiable,'' I said breathlessly. ''Do you know that?''.

''When it comes to you, I'm insatiable,'' He informed me and then frowned slightly as if the though made him uncomfortable.

''Why are you frowning?'' I asked.

''I'm not.'' The frown on his brow lifted as he clearly dismissed the thought with his customary single-minded determination.

I felt his hand slide down my back and gave a shiver of response. My reaction to him was so predictable. He only had to touch me and I surrendered.

Except this time as I remembered the plan I had meticulously designed -

He slid his hand into my hair and tugged gently- exposing the smooth skin of my neck for his touch. I gasped as I felt the heat of his mouth and then we tumbled back on the bed, with Jordan on top of me.

''I can't get enough of you,'' He raked hoarsely as he quickly stripped me of my bikini and fastened his mouth back on mine. He rolled onto his back, taking me with him, I dragged my mouth away for his -I couldn't think straight when we kissed. And I needed to concentrate on my plan.

I was determined to torture him the was he always tortured me. Payback time.

Knowing that I had to act quickly, I drew his hands above his head, moving the pillow to reveal the handcuffs I'd looped round the bed earlier. I snapped the cuffs on his wrists before he had time to realise my intentions.

He stilled a look of stunned incredulity illuminated his dark gaze. ''What do you think you're doing?''.

I held my breath, watching the muscles of his shoulders bunch as he jerked his wrists in an attempt to free himself. Deciding that I needed to use more than one method of holding him captive, I bent my head and teased the corners of his mouth with her tongue.

''You once said you could handle me with both hands tied behind your back,'' I reminded him in a husky voice, ''So I thought I'd give it a try. Both of your hands are well and truly behind your back, or above your head if you want to be precise. I'm all yours, Jordan.'' My tongue slid between his lips in a teasing gesture and I saw his eyes darken. I lifted my head and lips slowly, licking them.

''Or perhaps you're all mine. Let's find out, shall we?''

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Chapter 29: All Tied Up

Sorry it's taken so long for me to post but it's here :) I really appreciate your comments. I'll try to get more updates up in the next few days :) Hope you enjoy this chapter!

I lay in bed thinking. Thinking about the night before. It had been perfect and had somehow filled me with sexual confidence. Jordan had taken control and guided my fairly inexperienced self into the abyss, more than once.

He was definitely dominant and now I needed time to make my plan as I decided that I now wanted to be the once in control.

''I'm just going to take a shower,'' I said as I rolled over to look Jordan straight in the eye. He grinned and nodded without saying a word.

The spray was the perfect temperature and I closed my eyes, giving a soft moan as the cool water drenched my heated flesh. For a moment I stood there, humming softly to myself, reveling in the fact that once I left the shower, I was going to be the one in control.

My feeling of smug satisfaction lasted all of eight seconds.

''I never knew you had such a good singing voice,'' came a dark male drawl from directly next to me and a soft gasp of shock as I opened my eyes and brushed the water away from my face to clear my vision.

Jordan stood only inches away from me, gloriously naked and unashamedly aroused, It struck me there that his body was as close to male physical perfection as it was possible to get.

''Congratulations, a shower together was the perfect idea. I definitely approve,''.

My new found confidence vanished in an instant.

He wasn't supposed to approve. He was supposed to be feeling deflated at the fact that I'd left him laying in bed.

Instead he looked like a man who was well and truly in control of the situation. I however was the one resisting the temptation to flatten myself against the wall of the shower.

''You didn't need to join me,'' I said in a cool voice, averting my eyes from the tantalizing vision of a bronzed muscular chest. I didn't dare look lower.

Jordan gave a soft laugh and reached out to pull me closer in a gesture that was pure caveman. I stared helplessly at him, fascinated by his undiluted masculinity . My heart was thumping so hard I could hardly breathe and as I felt him reach for the soap and slide his hands down my bare back I couldn't hold back a moan.

''You have an amazing body,'' He said hoarsely, turning me round and sliding his hands down my body.

I closed my eyes and forced myself to think about something else but the only thing on my mind was Jordan and when I felt his hands move to my hair I shuddered in approval.

He lathered my hair, his fingers delivering a slow, sensual massage to my scalp. He knew exactly how to touch me. Exactly how to melt resistance . Exactly how to drive me wild.

He washed the rest of my body, lingering in some parts just long enough to make me squirm. He carried on until my whole body was quivering with anticipation.

Unable to wait any longer I reached out and slid a hand over his chest and then lower still, following the track of hair that lead downwards.

He caught my wrists in his hands and drew my arms around his neck, refusing me the satisfaction of touching him.

Still in teasing mode, he licked the corners of my mouth, played with my lower lip and kissed his way down my neck until I was gasping and writhing against him.

My whole body throbbed and ached with an intensity that approached pain. He teased and seduced me and until every nerve in my body was humming. My mind ceased to function.

He switched off the shower, wrapped me in a soft towel and lifted me into his arms. He laid me on the bed, removed the towel with a gentle but determined tug and then came down on top of me, a gleam of masculine purpose in his eyes.

Almost breathless with desperation I ran my hands down the sleek muscle of his back and shifted my body under him in an attempt to gain access to the male power of him. He slid away from me in a smooth movement.

''You touch me- why can't I touch you?''

''Not yet-'' He anchored my wrists in his hands and held them above my head and then finally lowered his head to mine.

He took my mouth in a kiss so hot and sexual that the room spun around me and I thought I might actually lose consciousness. His tongue explored every inch of my mouth with erotic expertise. I was so drugged by his kiss that I didn't realise that he'd tied my wrists until I tried to slid my arms around him and discovered I couldn't.

My hands were firmly secured to the head of the bed.

A flicker of alarm penetrated the sensual fog that had paralysed my brain and I tried to tug at my wrists but he chose that precise moment to flick his tongue over my nipple and I gave a gasp as sharp needles of sensations pierced my body.

I writhed and shifted on the bed, trying to rediscover my powers of speech and demand that he let me go, when he sucked me into his mouth and proceeded to subject me to the powers of his tongue.

I squirmed and gasped and tugged at my bound wrists and just when I though I couldn't take any more, he slid down my body.

Barely able to form words, I gave a moan of protest, horribly embarrassed.

''Untie me, Jordan, please-''

He lifted his head, ''Not yet. You still have too many inhibitions. You think too much. All that is going to happen is that I intend to torture you with pleasure until you will be totally unable to resist.''

Realising his intention, I tried desperately to keep my legs together, but he gave a low laugh and ignored my feeble resistance, opening me to his hungry gaze with the gentle pressure of his hands.

I'd never felt so exposed before, so vunerable, and my face burned hot under his probing, masculine gaze.

Then he was parting me and I felt the damp flick of his tongue exploring me intimately. I gave a gasp of shock he circled my clit, lapping frequently at my juices.

When he slid his fingers deep inside me, I shot into a climax so intense I cried out sharply in pleasure. The sensation went on and on, his fingers and mouth witness to the sensual havoc he was creating within me.

Finally the spasms eased and he slid up my body and ran his fingers through his damp, tangled hair. Then he reached up and freed me, trailing the scarlet silk ribbon that had held me captive over one hardened nipple.

''Now, you cant touch me,'' He informed me. He was all too aware of his own abilities.

I reached for him urgently, closing my slender fingers over the impressive throb of his erection with a moan of feminine approval.

With a grunt deep in his throat, he slid an arm under my hips, positioned me to his satisfaction and thrust deeply into me, it felt so shockingly good to have him inside me again. Wrapping my legs around him, I moved my hips instinctively and he muttered something against my mouth before driving hard and setting a rhythm that was primitive and out of control.

I raked my nails down his back and he dug his fingers into my thighs, bringing his mouth down hard on mine, connecting us in every way possible until the inevitable explosion engulfed me, suspending thought and time.

Dimly I registered a masculine groan and I knew that my climax had driven him to the same peak. I felt the liquid force of his own release, felt him thrust hard as he powered into me, felt his skin rub against mine. The spasms went on and on and I clung to him, overpowered by sensations, waiting for my world to settle.

Sunday, 31 January 2010

Chapter 28: Finally

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''Yeah I am kind of worried, It's so out of character for him to accept you.'' I answered Jordan's question as diplomatically as possible.

''Suppose he's actually trying to be nice, tonights gonna be a challenge.'' He chuckled on the other end of the line.

''Please dress nicely, you know, a suit and everything,''

''I do know that, I'll be good, promise.'' I could almost see his face, him more than likely sticking his tongue out, mocking me.

No matter how much I pretended I was really very worried about how the night would go. I knew that as my father he would be protective but there was no need for to go off on one because I wouldn't give him a reason too and Jordan wouldn't either, I hoped.

'Knock Knock'

''Come in,'' Liz peeped her head round the door as I started speaking.

''I just wanted to see how you were feeling, I know your dad sprung it on you but you shouldn't have snuck out last night,'' My step mother said with a small mischievous smile creeping at the sides of her lips.

''I know but I wanted to make sure he got home safely, he promised to be on his best behaviour,'' I grinned widely, glad we were getting on.

''I hope so, for both your sakes.''

Five minutes until Jordan was supposed to arrive and the tiny acrobats in my stomach were doing somersaults, I keep glancing at the clock every second minute. I'm meant to be chopping carrots. Ironic really. If I'm being totally honest I really want to sleep with him. Theres just that urge every time I see him to ask him to do me roughly up against a wall. Is that bad?

'Ding Dong'

There it is, the noise that announces his arrival. I heard footsteps walking towards the door. Ohh shit.

''Coach,'' Currently pressing my ear to the kitchen door in secret agent style.

''Jordan, come in, relax, I don't bite.'' My dad giggled, this was something strange.

I decided to wander on through to the entry hall and approached Jordy cautiously. Should I hug him? Kiss him? Just say hello? My questions were answered for me as Jordan grabbed onto me and brought me into him, fusing our lips together in a steamy kiss. Fuck Fuck Fuck.

''Right thats enough of that Staal.'' We heard a coughing behind us and a voice but my thoughts were too clouded by lust to care.

I turned around, facing an icy glare from my darling step sister and an obviously forced smile from everyone else. Looking at Jordan, he just grinned his usual cheeky smile. Typical.

''I think dinners ready so everyone go on through to the dining room,'' Liz announced breaking the silence.

Throughout dinner, uncomfortable questions were fielded, mostly from my father but another lot from my very jealous step sister. I could see her eyes filling with green and I was pretty sure everyone else could see her very openly flirting with Jordan. Although he had kept his cool most of the time, the way his clammy hand was carefully placed on my thigh was a dead give away of how nervous he was. It made me smile.

''Jordan, I'm going to ask one last question,'' My haze was broken.

''Sure, go on.'' His hand gripped harder onto my leg. I was sure I would be left bruised.

''Lets face it you don't have the best reputation, I've seen the way you are when we're on the road, what makes you think you can stay faithful to my daughter, hmm?'' It was said aggresively and I didn't like it.

''Ehhhh, well . . ''

''Come on, answer.'' I knew Jordan hated being pushed.

''If I'm honest, I'm happy. I haven't felt this way, well, ever. With every other girl I dreaded coming home but when the season fully starts I'm sure it'll be easy. I can see why you would be concerned but you don't need to be.'' We both let out a breath that I really didn't know I was holding in.

''I can't believe you were allowed to come back to my apartment,'' Jordan spoke as we walked through the door, he sounded like an excited five year old.

''Me either, can I have a drink?'' Now I was the nervous as hell. What was gonna happen tonight?

''Yeah sure, is red wine okay?'' He flipped the switch on in the kitchen and I moved around, finally settling on top of the counter.

After pouring the wine into the two separate glasses, he stepped back and leaned against the island in the middle of his kitchen, right infront of me. I was breathing heavily. I was sure he could tell that I was a little unsure of what was to come.

We didn't say anything. He took a step towards me and took the glass from hand, sitting it on the marble countertop beside us. Never moving his eyes from mine, he placed a hand on the back of my neck, the other on the side of my thigh. His thumb making small circles on the material of my skirt. He leaned in and placed his lips to mine, starting out as a sweet innocent kiss and moving forward as our passion increased. His tongue interlocking with mine, us both fighting for dominance. He was the first to pull back. Still keeping his gaze locked with mine.

''Let me make love to you,'' He whispered softly.

Friday, 25 December 2009

Chapter 27: Beautiful Disaster

Had an emotional Christmas day. One of my close family members passed away but I find that burying myself in writing helps me. So I decided to get this chapter posted. Thank you once again for the comments, they make my day :)

''Shit.'' I whispered as Jordan giggled quietly beside me. He sure as hell didn't realize how much trouble I could potentially be in right now. Men.

''I've warned you about this Jennifer, I told you to stay away from him.'' The voice continued, the sound of it wasn't instantly recognizable.

A figure started to form from out of the dark of the night. Like a man coming over the top of a sand dune in the middle of the grainy desert. Blurry at first. I was surprised by the small frame, knowing my dad had an overpowering 6''4 stance. I heard a ridiculous laugh as the body came closer and then it bent over, putting its hands to its mouth in a bid to hide the sound. I walked closer and saw that in no way shape or form was this my father. Darcy - I should of known.

''What the fuck was that?'' I said with a low volume, shouting would definitely of awoken the sleeping giant that was inside the house.

''You should have seen your face. Man, you were shit scared.'' She managed out between laughs. I was mad but I had to admit I could definitely see the funny side. ''I don't have time for this right now, I need to get him home, go back to bed!'' I said whilst pointing to a still chuckling Jordan.

''M'kay. Be safe.'' She said with a smirk and cheeky wink. I'd get her later.

I walked slowly back over to the car where Jordan was now sort of slouched up against it. He reached out to pull me into him as I neared. I wasn't having any of it.

''Get in the car.'' I said calmly but assertively. It was the only tone of voice he'd listen to. ''But-'' he started. ''Now!'' I growled, the look on his face changed to one of hurt. I didn't feel bad - surprisingly.

Our journey to his apartment was another one made from out of memory only. As soon as he was seated in the SUV he drifted into dreamland, his head rested against the window. Mouth slightly open - snoring like a little piglet. I tried to recall the time he had taken me back to his place, making my way to Mellon and trying to trace my steps from there. It was tricky seeing as the time he had driven me there, I had spent it teasing him. Eventually and because of my magnificent memory we reached his apartment block.

I got of the car and made my way to his side and pulled open the door. He was startled and would have fallen straight out had he of not been strapped in.

''Hey there,'' He grinned lazily as his eyes focused on me. The same sparkle as ever in them.

''Don't hey there me, get out!'' I was mad. I didn't need this, I should of just left him to stagger home or more than likely pass out my lawn and let my dad find him in the morning. But I cared and that was my downfall.

I could see I had struck a nerve, even in his drunken state Jordan could tell I meant business. I shut the door of the SUV saving him from having to turn and more than likely send his world spinning. I got under his arm and took as much of his weight as I possibly could. Thank goodness he has an elevator. Once we were inside I knew I couldn't let him slide to the floor because I'd have absolutely no chance of getting his 220 pound body vertical again.

The machine stopped and the ridiculously sexy voice of a woman announced that this was the 5th floor. I could only assume this was installed to make this building more appealing to bachelors like Jordan himself.

As we reached his door labelled 5A I began searching his jacket pockets for his keys. Managing to find them, we stumbled into his apartment. I kicked the door closed behind me for which Jordan tried to give me some mumbled lecture about paint work. Like I care.

He flopped down onto the bed where I used all my strength to undress him while his completely wasted hands tried to wander my body. I looked up at his face and saw that infuriating smirk again. Even while drunk he still knew exactly what to do piss me off.

Once I had stripped him to his tacky playboy boxers and tucked him in, I sat down on the edge of the bed, took one last look at him and those eyes that bared his soul.

''I wuv you.'' He said as he gingerly tucked a piece of hair behind my ear that had been resting over one my eyes. I smiled gently at him. ''Tell me when your sober,'' I replied and walked out of room, chuckling a little at his attempt at being cute. It didn't suit him, he just wasn't the 'cute' type of guy. I knew in the morning he'd have no recollection of any of this.

The drive home was smooth and my mind mulled over everything that had become of the night. I wasn't really all that sure of what this meant for Jordan and I but I knew that I'd make sure we talked tomorrow, I also knew that I needed to define what we are because right now I really have no idea and it was really starting to mess with my head.

I figured I'd use the front door this since I had my keys so I quietly opened the door and shut it ever so silently behind me. Creeping across the floor in a stealth like way.

''You better have a good explanation for this.'' A voice said and I was definitely sure it wasn't Darcy this time.

''I do.'' I replied quietly.

''Go on then,''

''I think I might love him, you know just a little bit.'' I giggled and leaned back against the door. I smiled to myself.

''Tell him to come over for dinner tomorrow. I'll be the judge of whether he's good enough!'' He said gruffly. Well thats a change of tune. Yesterday I was banned from him now he's aloud to come to dinner. Talk about giving me whiplash with his mood swings. Thoughts of disaster filled my head, so many things could go wrong tomorrow night. Sweet Jesus . . . . . . . .

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Chapter 26: Diesel

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Jordan's POV

I was right when I said that only dirty girls go diesel. As soon as we walked into the club, the amount of women throwing themselves at us was unbelievable. Blondes, brunettes, red heads. You name it they all swarmed to us like wasp. Thats exactly what they were though, they wanted us so they could be with us, sting us and take all our money. Trust me, I've fallen for it too many times or should I say too many maxed out credit cards.

''Hey man, wanna get the beers in?'' Sid shouted over the noise of the club before being pulled on the dance floor but some cute dark haired girl.

I made my through the crowds of people looking to have a good time, in more ways than one, if you catch my drift. The bar was pretty much empty what with everyone dancing. I was still deciding whether I even wanted to drink when Todd, the barman came over.

''Bad night?'' He chucked lightly. ''What can I get you?'' He continued.

''You have no idea,'' I groaned. ''5 beers,'' What the hell. ''Ughh, a couple of shots of tequila as well,'' Fuck it. He gave me a toothy grin.

''I'll get someone to bring them over, go enjoy yourself man,'' I knew I always liked this guy.

I ended up sitting in booth with Geno and TK while everyone else danced with the group of girls that had collected around our area of the club. Geno usually got in about different girl but since Oksana had caught him with his hand in the cookie jar he had been staying away whereas TK who would never cheat on his girlfriend, Kelcey just sat and talked with whoever was around him. He was good guy. I kept checking my watch and saw that it was now 2am, I guess meeting Jen was completely out of the question. I instantly felt guilty. I'd probably hurt her. A lot.

Before long a blonde haired girl with massive tits that were basically hanging out of her top slid into the booth beside me, giving me seductive looks and batting her eyelashes at me. Don't get me wrong she was hot but I just wasn't in the mood.

''I'm Katy,'' She drawled with a southern accent. She smiled and I figured if I give her as little attention as possible she'd move onto Geno. I was wrong.

''Come dance with me,'' She giggled as she stood up grabbed my hand attempted to pull me up. I probably could of just sat back down but the way she swayed her hips made me think twice and I'm a guy after all, we can't help it.

We started of facing each other, her eyes constantly drifting to my lips but there was no way in hell she was getting anything from me. I'm guy and I actually can't believe I just thought that. I'm giving up sex? Yep because I only want Jen. Pretty soon 'Katy' turned and shoved her ass into my crotch, putting her arms around my neck. I instinctively grabbed onto her hips pulling her closer, which I'm pretty sure gave her the wrong idea because she turned smacked her lips on me. I pushed her off me and she looked pretty angry.

''You were giving me so many come on's,'' She screamed at me. Crazy Bitch.

''Are you kidding me?'' I grabbed my jacket and walked straight out of the club, the warm summer air was making me feel even more drunk than I already was. Usually I could hold my drink but after 7 beers and 4 shots of tequila, I was definitely feeling the effects. The only person I could think of was Jen. Her face kept flashing across my brain. I should of gone to the house and spoke to her. In my drunken state I figured hailing a cab and going to her house was a great idea.

The driver dropped me off and I stumbled around to where I could remember vaguely where her window was. I picked up some stones on the way round and began throwing them at her window whilst shouting her name. I saw the window rise and her head poke out.

''I NEEEEDDD YOUUU!'' I shouted as I saw the annoyed look on her face.

''Wait there, do not move.'' I watched her climb out the window and then navigate her way expertly down the tall tree that overhangs onto the back of the house. I couldn't help but smile and the shorts and tank top she wearing. As she walked closer to me I could tell she was angry.

''What the fuck are you doing here?'' On closer inspection shes not wearing a bra and it's very cold outside. Wow, I'm drunk.

''I wanted to see you,'' I tried to give her my best puppy dog eyes but I wasn't sure they would work.

''Look, I'm not doing this right now with you as drunk as you are. I'm taking you home.'' She sounded like my mom but she really didn't look like her. My drunk self laughed internally.

I followed her to where her dads car was parked.'' Don't you need keys?'' I asked. ''I came prepared.'' She smiled softly.

''I always do too,'' I grinned at her and winked.

''Ughhhhh, just get in.'' She growled. I've never heard her angry before, it's sexy.

''Where do you think you two are going?'' A voice from the darkness boomed. Ohh shit.